81% of the U.S. population is on Social Media. That's 261,000,000 people trying to get along online. In 2018, we have seen the rise of some of the most off the wall topics.

We've become sensitive over the last couple years, but we've also become really mean.

We did our research and found these traits to be the most rude, hostile, jerk things to do on social media.

Do you do any of these things?


  • 1

    You Bait Arguments, or Make it Political

    This type of person is just looking for a reason to argue or this person will interject some comment about a political agenda. Here I'm just trying to share a cute video of a baby playing with toys, and some jerk comments, "Typical liberal, sharing this propaganda."

  • 2

    You Go Live with Nothing To Say

    Nothing is more frustrating than getting a 'This person is Live notification' and you click on it and it's one of your friends saying "I'm bored so I figured I would make small talk with you."

  • 3

    You Use words like '#FakeNews' or 'Deplorable' in the Comments

    It's like this person uses CNN and FOX News as their dictionary. It's their way of having the last word, without context or reasoning. The 'I don't agree with you, so you're wrong' type of person.

  • 4

    You Name Call Complete Strangers

    Okay, hold the phone, how are you that mean of a person? You just break down someone on the internet because you didn't agree with them. Grow up.

  • 5

    You Fish for Compliments

    Posting a picture of yourself and saying, "I'm so ugly." Please don't use social media for your self-worth. Every person is beautiful, you just have to believe it.

  • 6

    Sharing Graphic Videos of Abuse

    I don't know who hurt this person, but they are sharing stuff like 'Owner gets frustrated and hangs dog from a tree.' Like why would you share something like that? We know this stuff unfortunately happens. But I don't need to see the crime footage.

  • 7

    You Harass People with Your Multi-Level Marketing Business

    Talking to you scentsy, legging, oil, nail sticker, lip stick hustling business owners. Stop inviting me to your group and stop interjecting your products in every comment section. If I need leggings, I'll call you.

  • 8

    Online Elder Abuse

    How can you be so ugly to people who are so adorable. Our seniors have seen so much and we can learn from them as much as they can learn from us. Don't be a jerk to them online.

  • 9

    Social Media 'Chain Letters'

    Chain letters are a work of the devil. My love for anyone is not based on me forwarding a Facebook message, no one cares about your digital roses. We can't heal sick children with likes. Come on now.

  • 10

    Creating Drama Online for Attention

    I'm sorry things in life aren't going your way. But don't drag everyone and their brother into it. Especially on the Amarillo buy, sell, trade pages. People can get downright ugly.

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