Now say it again....a loft!

It's a lovely word that's joyful to say out loud. And lofts are something that immediately come to mind when you picture 'urban living' in a bustling city. And although there may be some who will argue till they're blue in the face with me on it.....Amarillo is a growing city and it will soon become exactly that 'bustling' city that I just mentioned.

So it only makes sense that we would have lofts downtown, right?


Airy, open, modern, and industrial--I love how loft apartments feel! And that's why I was excited to see this chunk of potential hit the market--the property at 118 S. Taylor has been listed for $1.2 million with Taylor Mangiamelli w/ Rillo Realty and mark my words.....some lucky investor will snap this up real quick. Will it be you?

. The entire property comes in at over 24,000 square feet and has an impressive combination of classic loft living, easily adapted event space, office facilities and even warehouse areas.

The loft itself is a fantastic and stylish 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment. It is sleek, it is contemporary and urban.

This is perfect for the entrepreneurial businessman (or woman, mind you) that is certain to define the future of Amarillo, Texas. Take a look! As you browse the photos, you'll be sure to hear the solid knock of opportunity.

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Life is just lovelier in a loft! And lovely is exactly what this downtown plot of potential is!

Listed with Taylor Mangiameli w/ Rillo Realty, the property located at 118 S. Taylor is Amarillo's Downtown dreaming in the making. With an asking price of just $1.2 million, it's bound to end up in the hands of some lucky, ambitious investor.

And we just can't wait to see what they will do with it!

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