Amarillo is the epitome of Texas. We have cowboys, tumbleweeds, chicken fried steak, and state pride. It's no wonder musicians find inspiration from our city.

Sadly, most of the songs written about or mentioning Amarillo don't exactly point out its glory. Most of the artists are leaving Amarillo as fast as possible. Or, more realistically, they stopped in Amarillo for approximately five seconds, which isn't even how long it takes for them to mention Amarillo in the song. In the most famous Amarillo song, "Amarillo By Morning," George Strait doesn't even arrive in Amarillo. He's just on his way.

No matter what the context is, those of us from Amarillo will always turn the volume up when a song mentions our home town. When people ask where we're from, we list the names of Amarillo songs as a description.

Although many of the songs about Amarillo are country songs, there are a few other genres mixed in. Several of these songs aren't actually about Amarillo, but we get mentioned, so it still counts.

Here are 25 songs that are about or mention Amarillo.

Songs Featuring Amarillo