The Wolflin district in Amarillo is very distinct from anywhere else in Amarillo, Texas.

How so?

Because as as soon as you hit those brick streets by 34th Ave, the neighborhood becomes more subdued, the trees are greener, and the lush lawns roll into each other like a carefully manicured Fescue sea.

Wolflin is extraordinarily wealthy. It is the home of the upper crust--more than that, it is the home of quite a few of Amarillo's oldest families. The ones who have been here since before the oil and gas industry; they came with the cattle industry and diversified their influence as the years progressed.

The Wolflin district is the home of Old Money. This is the type of wealth and influence that is subdued, graceful, and astonishingly tasteful. And when I saw that there was a home at 33 Oldham Circle that had been listed for $3.3 Million I knew that I was going to be in awe from the very first photo.

I was right.

This astonishing work of architecture and construction has been listed with Kristal Mooneyham with Larry Brown, Realtor(s). This home is a true reflection of the powerful statement made by timeless design and quality investments. This is, without a doubt, a home to leave you speechless.

LOOK: This Wonderful $3.3 Million Home in Wolflin is Too Wealthy Beyond Words

It's a stunning home that sits in the wealthiest historic district in Amarillo, Texas.

No single detail is overlooked. Every selection of material and color is intentional. Nothing is too glitzy, gaudy, or sparkly. Everything is done with just the right amount of impeccable grace.

You'll find yourself in awe of the craftsmanship, design, and intent woven throughout this resplendent home. It is listed with Kristal Mooneyham and boasts 4 bedrooms, 1 full bathroom, 1 ½ bathroom, and 4 ¾ bathrooms within 6,400 Sq. Ft.

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