Join me once more for another "window shopping" tour of a home that's been hand-picked by yours truly.

I don't see many townhouses in Amarillo. If I do, they're more akin to apartments than a true townhouse. But this amazing listing with Melissa Achtley of Mgroup is just phenomenal. This was definitely the home of someone who truly appreciated art and the finer things in life.

This is a 4 bedroom, 6 bathroom home with two separate living areas. And the ceilings are tall, 14-foot according to the listing description. There's also two "bonus rooms" as is described. I'm also pretty partial to the fireplace.

But the best thing in the entire house, to me, is the kitchen. Wham-a-wow. You want to be a chef? Are you a chef? Get in here. There's a double oven, two sinks, and wine fridge along with a six-burner gas range.

Another key point to this house that I appreciate is how it's completely wheelchair accessible. There's a big staircase, yes, but you'll have to keep your eyes out for the elevator. The atrium is also something really unique as well. I know my wife would get a whole lot of use out of that private patio, too

Take a look at this amazing place!

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This beautiful Puckett home is listed with Melissa Achtley of Mgroup for $449,900.

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