It's crunch time!  I was talking to some people at yesterday's Wrap It Up and the number of people that weren't even close to being done with their Christmas shopping was absolutely mind blowing!  So many people needing to do last minute shopping, so many choices, what do you do?  You wanna get good gifts, but you don't want it to look like something you just ran into Walmart and bought on a whim, and you wanna save as much money as possible so you can buy a little something for everyone.  Well, here's 5 affordable last minute Christmas gift ideas for you!

Potted plants are great gifts!  They're symbolic and can really speak for themselves!  And there's such a wide variety of them to choose from!  You could give a baby pine tree, a perfect potted plant that will grow in our area, and it goes with the season.  I suggest giving a money tree!  Not a fake tree you covered with money, but an actual money tree!  They exist!  And they won't break the bank either!  Give the gift of a money tree, and include a card with a message to the likes of "I hope this money tree brings you luck to fill your wallet in the coming new year!"  You can buy these at most local green houses, or even online.

If you're trying to buy a gift for a friend and keep running into dead ends, this is a simple solution that carries meaning to it!  Find a picture of you and your friend, and find a nice picture frame to put it in and that's it!  Include a card that reads something to the effect of "I had a blast with you in 2012, looking forward to more fun with you in 2013!".  Simple, effective, and affordable!

These are always a win, especially if you're shopping for a lady.  Ladies like smell good stuff, and ladies always smell good!  So give the gift of scented candles!  You can find a wide variety to choose from.  A nice mixed package would do the trick!  Get some relaxation candles for when they're taking a soothing bath, and maybe toss in just a great fragrance candle with it.  Something they can use in the living room for when they have guests over.  You'd be shocked at how happy your wife can be when someone walks into your house and says "wow it smells so good in here, what is that?".  It will spawn a conversation, and make your wife proud of her house and the way it smells.  This is HIGHLY recommended for people with pets!  As guys, we kinda like the way our dogs smell, we don't want our dogs to smell like some strange dog cologne called Calvin K-9!  We want our dogs to smell like dogs!  And ladies want the exact opposite!  Here's a way to please both sides of that coin, makes a great gift, and wont break the bank!  Bubble bath solution and bath oils could make a great addition to this gift as well.

This is a gift idea I would highly recommend for the man in your life!  Those little indoor remote control helicopters are awesome!  You can get them for like $20, and give your man a world of aerial fun at a very affordable price!  You can find them at so many different places, from Walmart, to toy stores, even your average outlet stores like TJ Max or Ross Dress For Less have them for sale!  If you give the guy in your life one of these, he may react a little strange, but once he starts flying it around the house chasing the dogs and cat with it, you'll know you made a great decision by the smile on his face!

When in doubt, get a lottery ticket!  Everyone loves the thrill of the chance to hit it big!  There's so many to choose from, ranging from $1 to $100.  Many available Christmas theme tickets as well!  If you're in a crunch to get gifts, a $20 lottery ticket is an easy solution to your problem.  And how cool would it be to see the person you bought it for scratch off and win!  Even if they only win $20, they still won and they had fun doing it!  Lottery tickets, oh yeah, a standard in the Chambers house on Christmas morning!  The $2-$5 ones make for a great stocking stuffer, if you're only giving them a lottery ticket and that's it, do at least a $20 ticket.  The more you spend on 1 ticket, the better the odds of winning, the more scratching they get to do, and the more fun everyone will have.

So there's just a few affordable, last minute Christmas gift ideas.  Take what you like, ignore what's just not your thing.

Do you know of any great holiday gift ideas that are inexpensive and easy to get?  Please share with us in the comments!