Do you have someone you dated who was a jerk, loser, momma's boy, cheater or just basically a terrible person? Let's make sure no one dates that person again.
Best Places In Amarillo to Get a Salad Under $10
I eat a lot of salads.  I actually enjoy salads.  I have tried a lot of salads around town and I think these are the best places to get a really good salad.  So check them out and if yours didn't make the list then let me know so I can go try it out.
5 Affordable Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas
It's crunch time!  I was talking to some people at yesterday's Wrap It Up and the number of people that weren't even close to being done with their Christmas shopping was absolutely mind blowing!  So many people needing to do last minute shopping, so many choices, what do you do?  You wanna get good…
Poshmark – My Wife’s New Addiction
I won't lie, I LOVE to shop!  There's nothing better than going out on a Saturday afternoon, just me and my wife, and doing some shopping!  Well, my wife found a new website, that would compare to a consignment store, where you can get great deals on name brand clothes at highly …

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