Amarillo is pretty limited when it comes to brunch.

There are definitely some great breakfast places, but very few restaurants serve a true brunch. However, just a few hundred miles down the road, there are tons of places with amazing brunch.

Spoon University looked at 5 of the best places for brunch in Dallas. These places aren't just serving eggs and toast - they've got chicken and waffles, Bloody Marys stacked with donuts and miniature breakfast sandwiches, and carafes of champagne.

Here are 5 of the best brunch spots in Dallas.

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    Anvil Pub

    This restaurant is home to the liquid brunch Bloody Mary. Basically, they take a variety of breakfast foods, poke sticks through them, and stack them on top of a Bloody Mary. Definitely the most unique of the brunch choices.

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    This restaurant has an impressive menu, but the chicken and waffles are touted as a crowd favorite. The jalapeno cheddar waffles are topped with fried chicken, gravy, hot sauce, and maple syrup. If that doesn't interest you, try The Deluxe, a brioche bun with crispy pork belly, caramelized onion, avocado, Sriracha mayo, a sunny-side up egg, and a side of fruit.

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    Dragonfly at Hotel Zaza

    Hotel Zaza is a whimsical but high-end hotel in Dallas that attracts many to their "Sunday School," which is what they call their Sunday brunch. There is champagne and people dress up in wild costumes and you get to wave sparklers around. It's the kind of event you have to see to believe.

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    HG SPLY Co.

    This restaurant's brunch is a solid combination between lunch and breakfast. They serve brunch bowls, which can have anything from quinoa and baby kale to lamb meatballs and roasted eggplant. Their muffins are also highly recommended.

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    Oddfellows will transport you from Dallas to a quaint Southern cafe. They serve mint juleps, beignets, and fried green tomato BLTs. However, they have some unique items as well, like the buffalo mac and cheese and hippie granola pancakes.