Amarillo is has been the focus of songs, movies, and documentaries throughout the years. I, personally, love Amarillo. It's a great city to raise a family.

There are people that instantly form an opinion about a city the moment they hear its name. Amarillo is no exception. Here are 5 misconceptions about people from the Amarillo, Texas area.

5. Yes, we have a song. No I don't know all the words.

4. No, I did not ride a horse to school.

3. We don't eat 72 oz steaks for dinner.

2. Not everyone drives a diesel truck with a 20" lift kit on it.

1. We don't marry our cousins (Yes, I had a person say that to me once).

They don't realize that in Amarillo we do have:

The most beautiful sunsets on Earth.

A small version of the Grand Canyon in our backyard.

Amazing food establishments.

And, most importantly the friendliest people on the planet.

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