So, over the last 5 months I have learned a lot about life in Amarillo. Here are my top five observations.

1: It seems no one follows traffic signs or speed limits. On Soncy Road I see an accident every day. Slow down and enjoy the music on KISS FM.

2: People are incredibly friendly here; I’ve lived all over the country and I can’t say that I have met anyone more outgoing than folks from Amarillo. I feel at home.

3: Everyone goes out to eat at the same time. I realized that if I want to eat dinner at Saltgrass I need to be there after 8pm. I eat alone (no I’m not lonely) and usually sit at the bar, but before 8 it’s nearly impossible to get a seat. This goes for every restaurant I eat at daily. You know who you are.

4: Turn signals. Blinkers, whatever you call them. Your car has them use them. Enough said.

5: Pride. I have met over my last months here some incredible people, folks that give back to Amarillo when they themselves are just barely surviving. Selflessness. I think that is one of the most admirable traits in a person possible and I have witnessed that all over this incredible small-huge city.

I hope that the work that I do here matches what everyone here in Amarillo has shown me. I am incredibly proud to be a part of such a caring and loving community.


p.s. slow down on Soncy Rd.

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