Have you heard about the creepy clown epidemic that's taking over the nation?

In many cities across the U.S., there have been reports of people dressed as clowns lurking around parks, forests, and other suspicious places. Even if it wasn't almost Halloween, the idea of an unexplained clown hanging out around town would creep anyone out. But it's also Halloween season, which takes it to a whole new level.

The police have been investigating these scary occurrences, but can't seem to find any evidence. However, several people have been arrested for being dressed in clown costumes. It's actually illegal to wear a mask or costume for intimidation purposes in several states.

While people are concerned about the clowns hurting others, there is also a lot of concern about people shooting, running over, or acting defensive in other ways toward the clowns out of fear.

Here are 5 things that we think the people of Amarillo might do if they were under the threat of mysterious clowns.

  • 1

    Form A Militia

    People in Amarillo would be quick to join forces and put together an arsenal of weapons to take down the creepy clowns. We are stronger as a unit, anyway!

  • 2

    Bring In 'Cops'

    'Cops' (the TV show) loves to come to Amarillo, which is unfortunate for our city because it means we have a lot of crime. However, it would be helpful to have the assistance of good camera work and police back up to take down the clowns.

  • 3

    Just Hope the Coyotes Get Them

    Amarillo has the advantage of being in the Wild, Wild West, so we often have wild animals, like coyotes, running around at night. I'm not saying people would hope that the clowns would be eaten, just intimidated and maybe seriously threatened.

  • 4

    Use Their Guns

    Well, we were all thinking it. I don't think the people of Amarillo would become cold-blooded murderers in the face of clowns. However, we are a community of gun lovers and I could see certain people brandishing their favorite weapons to motivate the clowns to go away and never come back.

  • 5

    Boycott the City

    "You remember that West Texas town, Amarillo? It's a town populated by one clown because the second he showed up, everyone else left."

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