They're Selling WHAT on Facebook?
You have to love Facebook. Like Craiglist, you can buy pretty much anything. Which is perfect for the holidays. You can buy books, video games, a couch or a car. You won't believe what we found.
River Road Students Make Epic Homemade Haunted House [VIDEO]
Just before Halloween the "Junior" class from River Road Highschool challenged me to go through their homemade haunted house. Knowing that I'm a huge haunted house fan and I've been to most haunts in town and never heard of this one, my mind was already set thinking this was not going to be scary at all. Wel...
Burglar Caught On Video Staring Over Baby [VIDEO]
How creepy is this! A burglar broke into a Houston, Texas home and was caught on tape. The family was sound asleep through the break-in as the burglar stole some of their items! What's creepy is the video shows the burglar standing over the baby's crib staring at their child. Tha...
Creepy Amarillo Craigslist Personals
You never know what your neighbor is up to, or how big of a creep they actually are.  The man or even woman down the street from you, although they appear to be normal, could be pretty freaking far from it!  Take a look at Amarillo Craigslist personals and you'll see!  We got some freaky people in the 806!

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