It feels like we are in the middle of a remake of the classic Alfred Hitchcock movie Birds. They are everywhere! I am sure there is a logical reason for all these birds around town. But still, it's Halloween and just perfectly spooky. Just imagine you are walking through your neighborhood and the birds are just following you. Starring at you and squawking. Before you know it, they are charging at you. You run home to protect you Halloween candy. But you don't make it, the birds knock you over and fly away with your candy. Noooooooo! Okay, maybe I am over doing it.

I was at the McDonald's on Soncy and the birds were so loud, the lady on the other side of the drive thru could not hear me. It was crazy!  Have you noticed the birds too? Tell me in the comment section below. Be careful out there.

Credit: Thinkstock