The Texas Panhandle is one of the worst places for allergies.

That's because we have a bad combination of dry, windy weather and naturally occurring allergens.

Some of the worst plants for allergies are ragweed, elm, mulberry, pecan, oak, and tumbleweed, all of which are naturally occurring in the High Plains.

Although 2015 was a wet year in the area, it has been a dry spring, which means everyone's allergies are in full swing.

Here are 5 ways to deal with your allergies this season.

  • 1

    Utilize Essential Oils

    Essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus, and peppermint will keep your nasal passages open and help you fight off the pollen. You cal diffuse these oils in your house or apply them directly to your throat or nose.

  • 2

    Put Vicks Under Your Nose

    Vicks has a similar affect as essential oils on your allergies. It will help your nasal passages stay clear and keep your throat from itching.

  • 3

    Incorporate Spicy Foods Into Your Diet

    Spicy foods like chili and horseradish not only open nasal passages, but will clear chest congestion. Plus, it's the most enjoyable option.

  • 4

    Consume Honey From A Local Hive

    Honey that has been produced in a local hive contains allergens, so by consuming a small amount of that honey every day, you are teaching your system to be immune to the allergens. You can check out Honey's Farm Fresh in Amarillo.

  • 5

    Invest In Some Zyrtec

    Generic Zyrtec is pretty inexpensive and two of them will treat your allergies like a prescription.

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