I'll drink to that. Oh wait. Drinking can actually be good for you. Who would have thought? I mean you can't take it all crazy, party central every night. That would never be recommended. Every thing in moderation you know.

I have always heard that red wine was good for your heart. I have heard that drinking a beer or two can be good for your heart as well. The problem is we need to just have a few drinks. It doesn't need to be our goal to finish the whole 18 pack. In fact that would be a horrible goal to have.

There was a study down at the University of Georgia, yes, I do find it funny that it's a college that is researching how drinking can be good for us. Good one there. During their studies they did find that a little bit of drinking every day can actually be considered good for us. So if you are driving down Georgia, heading home, and you feel you need a drink, it may not be all bad. You know a cold beer really sounds good on a hot July day.

If you have a drink or two a day it can help us mentally. If you have those drinks you would be less likely to show signs of mental decline. The study showed you are better off than people who never drink.

So this looks like it is some good news if you need a drink to wind down your day. So you can have anywhere between eight and fifteen drinks a week. This does not mean per day. You have to limit the amount of drinks but at least it is good news to hear that you can be doing your brain some good.



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