So of course during the pandemic we did learn that washing our hands is very important to stopping the spread. We have learned all types of tips. We know we need to wash our hands for at least 20 seconds. We also know that hand sanitizer is good but not as good as actually using soap and water.

We are now washing our hands as much as eight times a day. That is some good news. Do you know where we are not necessarily washing our hands like we should? How about right  after we use the restroom.

Have you noticed that? You use a public bathroom in Westgate Mall or maybe even while you are out at Wonderland and what do you see? It really doesn't matter where you are because odds are you will see someone still walk out without washing up first. Even during this pandemic.

Do you ever find yourself coughing into your hand and not immediately washing up? Luckily we are getting better at that too. Either we wash up right away or we finally learned the trick. We have learned to cough into our inner elbow. That has been another thing that has taken a while for people to learn but I think we are finally getting there.

We as a whole are finally starting to realize the importance of hygiene. All it took was a worldwide pandemic. We have also learned the importance of keeping our phones cleaned too. Those darn things are covered in germs. So a nice Clorox wipe is all it really takes.

So 2020 has been good to teach an old dog new tricks. We just have to get better at washing our hands out in public after we use the restroom.


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