Over the weekend, I had a small anxiety attack that everyone made fun of me about.  At what age should children be allowed to use a public restroom by themselves?

It is no secret that I am an overprotective mom.  I only have one child and everyday I go into the day scared that I will mess up.  My son is almost 7 years old.  I have trouble giving him his freedoms because there are so many dangerous things and people in this world.

Well, over the weekend we were out doing some shopping when he said he needed to go to the restroom.  So we went.  When we got to the restroom area, he asked if he could use the men's by himself.  I freaked out!  I always take him into the women's with me.  I can make sure he is safe and not messing around.

I never expected him to ask me that question and I had an small anxiety attack.  He was looking at me and begging with his eyes.  I have a hard time telling him no, but an even harder time giving him his independence.

All kinds of scenarios started going through my mind.  What if this happens or someone sketchy is in there.  I almost threw up.  But I caved and allowed him to go, but not before having a nice long chat with him.

I told him to not to mess around.  And then I told him,"If anyone tries to mess with him to start screaming, kicking and punching and I'll run right in there."  He smiled and said ok then walked in and left me in a panic.

Three minutes and twenty-four seconds!  That is how long he was in the restroom.  And that is also how long before I breathed again.  That was the worst experience of my life.  But the look on his face when he came out was priceless.  He came out smiling and confident because he did something on his own.

Am I over reacting or is this panic and worry normal.

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