So this is the time of year where people are trying to ditch that holiday weight. They try all kinds of diets. Some will even try some cleanses. Oh and others will do both and hit it hard at the gym.

Whatever is needed to lose some weight. If you google the Military Diet you may find one that you may like. I mean it does include eating hot dogs and ice cream. Those are two menu items I thought I would never see on a diet.

I mean the Keto diet was crazy enough for me. I mean you could eat cheese and all sorts of meat. This Military Diet is something else. Here is the plan..

You have to follow a strict, low calorie meal plan for three days. You are supposed to eat small portions of foods like toast, eggs,vegetables and at night you can have a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Really. Oh and one of the 3 days you are supposed to eat two hot dogs. Not with a bun, not with chili or cheese. Just two hot dogs.

After those 3 days you are supposed to take four days off and eat your normal way.....then repeat. If you do that you can lose up to ten pounds in a week. So of course that is making people want to try it.

Does it work? A doctor said that it probably would help some people lose weight since on those days you are on the diet you are eating less than 1,500 calories. The problem is that it is in no way nutritious and odds are you will gain the weight back when you get off this diet.

Have you ever tried it? Did you have any success? I think I will continue with just trying to eat healthy, cut bad carbs and go on my merry way.


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