We are officially in summer and people are getting outside a lot. That is great! The sun can do some great things for you. It also can damage you.

We know that the sunlight can increase your vitamin D intake. Getting it that way is the best way. Vitamin D is great for your heart and bones. On the flipside there are dangers of too much sun.

Did you know that you can still get a sunburn on a cloudy day? A lot of people didn't know that but clouds only block a small amount of those dangerous UV rays. So even if you don't see the sun make sure you still wear your sunblock.

You are also still exposed to those UV rays even if you are in the shade. I know it seems crazy but they can bounce off stuff and still hit you. Again sunscreen is the best defense always.

Are you the kind of person who just tans? You don't ever get burnt. Do you think that is safe? Well it is not. Any amount of sun that you get is harmful to your skin. So if you think there is such a thing as a good tan, just know that it is still damaging your skin.

I never thought about this but it makes sense. Too much sun is bad for your eyes too. You need a good pair of sunglasses. Find ones that block UV rays. Don't just shop for the cool looking eyewear. If you wear regular glassed you need to make sure they have UV protection too. Protect those eyes too. They are the only ones you have.

So sunscreen is very important. We need to make sure that our eyes and body are protected so we have our health for many years to come.

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