Hey Snapchatters, you're going to love this! Snapchat is unveiling a new product for you to record video to your Snapchat. They are called 'Spectacles."

They are a sunglasses that will record 10-second snippets of video at the push of a button on your sunglasses. The camera that is mounted on the spectacles is a 115-degree lens and the camera will record in circular video, giving you realistic field of vision. The video will upload to your Snapchat automatically. You will be able to go back and see how people would see it out of their own eyes. These Snapchat Spectacles would be perfect for people who hike, snowboard, ski, or even skateboard. The Spectacles are expected to be released here in the next few months and are going to be categorized as a toy. The spectacles are said to run for $130 a pair. Check out the video!

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