Orange Juice in a Bottle
credit: Getty Images

You head to the kitchen for your daily breakfast. You make  couple eggs, some sizzling bacon and even some toast. How do you finish off that meal?

Do you pour yourself a tall glass of orange juice? Grape juice? Cranberry juice? I mean they are all so good. Are they good for you? I mean they all contain fruit.

There was a study done that will answer that for you. They found that people who drink fruit juice have a higher rate of death than those who choose coffee or milk. That seems a little drastic. It, though, is the simple truth.

Even though you think they are healthier they are, in fact, not. They tend to have way too much sugar for you. They often even contain as much sugar and calories as sugar-sweetened beverages. We know how bad those are for us.

Now we know we need to check the labels of that fruit juice that may be our go-to in the morning.

The bad thing is that even though the sugar in those 100 percent fruit juices occur naturally and not actually added they are still not good. Once our body metabolizes the fruit juice it is still as bad as sugar added drinks.

So, for your health, don't use those fruit juices as your go-to in the morning anymore. Or anytime of the day really. Limit those and reach for more water too.


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