This week, look for strange things coming to a town near you in our Children's Miracle Network (CMN) - KISS Kids Tour & Radiothon!  All week long, we'll have 96.9 KISS-FM's Tommy the Hacker hitting the streets in Dumas, Pampa, Hereford, and then he'll come back to Amarillo to take on 34th street in what's been dubbed the Miracle on 34th Street.  It's all in an effort to raise money for CMN, in our now 5th Annual KISS Kids Radiothon!

In the past years of the KISS Kids Radiothon, you would see Tommy in a huge crane, hoisted high above Amarillo, usually on the corner of I-40 & Coulter at Westgate Chevrolet, and 1 time at Rudy's BBQ.  This year however is a little different, as we wanted to really get the ENTIRE Texas Panhandle involved in the effort to raise awareness and money for the Children's Miracle Network, and what it does for families in cities across the Panhandle, not just Amarillo.

So Monday (today), Dumas, look for Tommy the Hacker pushing around the KISS-Cart!  He hit up United Supermarkets in Dumas earlier today, and wow, what an amazing show of love you guys gave!  A big thanks to everyone that came out to United and a big thanks to United for being a part of the cause, both the citizens and United showed they really care about the kids!

He'll be pushing the cart all around Dumas for a while, and then coming up at 3:00pm, he'll be at Family Farm Stores located at 501 N. Dumas Ave!  He's going to hang out there till about 3:45ish, maybe 4pm, and then he's back to the streets making his way down Dumas Ave back towards the the route out at highway 87!  Thank you to Family Farm Stores in Dumas for showing their support to the cause in the KISS Kids CMN Tour!  They know it's truly all about the kids!

We thank all of Dumas, TX for the love they have already showed to the Texas Panhandle kids of CMN!  The Children's Miracle Network is an amazing foundation, helping out families right here in OUR area!  All the money donated goes straight to our local chapter only, so you know your money isn't paying somebody's salary or paying for office supplies, it's 100% going to help families that otherwise wouldn't have the money to pay for surgeries and procedures, to get the equipment needed to help babies and children, to get the specialists needed to give them the care they need, and if it comes down to it, even to send a child to Dallas or Houston to get the care they need.  You seriously are a miracle maker with each dollar you donate!

Tomorrow, at 10:00am, we'll pick up again in Pampa, TX!  We'll start our day at Xtra Auto Sales at 807 W. Foster to get our chase vehicle provided by Xtra Auto, so you can catch up with Tommy the Hacker there for a little bit when him and Porky or Oscar whatever you call him get there!  A huge THANK YOU to Xtra Auto for providing us with the chase vehicle in Pampa!  They went the Xtra mile for the kids!

Then, he'll be moving on to West Texas Landscape at 120 S. Hobart!  He'll get there at 10:30am for a 30 minute stop to hang out with the folks at West Texas Landscape, and of course, encourage you to stop by and see him and make a donation :)  Thank you West Texas Landscape for caring about the kids!  These guys take pride in their community and their work, and when they heard about this, as a community involved business, they were absolutely all in to help out the kids in any way possible!

After that, it's off to the Campbell Ranch at 923 Harvester!  He'll be there at 11:30am and hang out till 1:00pm!  There's big news with this one!  As the Campbell Ranch has agreed to make a donation!  We're not sure how much they're going to donate yet, but we do expect them to issue a challenge to the rest of Pampa in order for us to get the donation!  Please, we ask that you listen and more importantly, stop by and make a donation for the kids!  When we have these challenges issued, it's like seeing money that we can get for these kids, but it's on a fish hook dangling in front of our faces, and we really work to get the donations so it doesn't vanish from in front of our eyes!  I strongly encourage anyone in Pampa that's going to be out on lunch break or free from 11:30a till 1:00p to stop by the Campbell Ranch and help Tommy and the KISS team get this surprise donation!  We are very excited to get there and see what the Campbell Ranch is going to put up for donation, they truly have helped us out so much with this!  AMAZING PEOPLE that really do know how much of a positive effect CMN can have on a person's life!

Next up, Tommy will be grabbing some munchies and hanging out at Chicken Express, located at 2201 Perryton Parkway!  Things will start at 1:30pm here, and last 30 minutes.  Come grab a world famous Chicken Express sweet tea and while you're at it, drop some money in the collection bucket for the kiddos.  Chicken Express knows how important it is to put an end to babies and children having to battle cancer and other diseases.  You know, I once had a doctor tell me this, he said "if we just had the money for research, we could find a cure to cancer!"  That blew my mind, and I then knew how big of an impact each dollar donated made to this very important cause!

From there it's off to Franks Hardware at 401 N Ballard!  Arrival time is 2:30pm and this will be another 30 minute stop.  Franks is all about "do it yourself" home projects, and that's what we encourage when it comes to donations!  Franks Hardware cares about the kids, and they didn't leave it up to someone else, they do it themselves!  You can't leave it up to someone else either!  Don't think, "well, someone else will do it, someone else will make a donation", because that someone else possibly thinking the same thing!  You have to say "I CAN do it myself, I CAN step up and help the kids, I CAN stop by Franks Hardware and make a donation!"  Because, if you don't, who else will?  Franks understands the importance behind that message, and I know you do to :)

Next up in the line as we tour our way through Pampa, TX is Rheams Diamond Shop at 111 N. Cuyler!  Serving the community of Pampa since 1976 with beautiful jewelry and work, and caring about the kids their entire lives!  They're big supporters of the Children's Miracle Network and know what they do for kids in Pampa, Amarillo, and the entire Texas Panhandle!  Please make your way by to say high to Tommy the Hacker while he's at Rheams Diamond Shop and drop of a donation for the kids :)  They really wanna see what the citizens of Pampa got, so come show them your support for the kids!

And finally, we'll wrap up our stops at Doug Boyd Motors located at 821 W. WilksDoug Boyd helps Pampa people rebuild their credit, they understand that everyone needs a lending hand every now and then.  And they understand that's what CMN does!  Lending a helping hand to families that could be your next door neighbor, or maybe someone you know, even you or a family member.  CMN makes sure no child is EVER turned away, regardless of lack of ability to pay or lack of insurance!  With CMN, it's like having insurance for your child!  You never know when something could go wrong!  Maybe you're falling on hard times, you don't have insurance, what would you do if your child fell off their bike and broke their arm, or suddenly got really sick with a very serious illness?  With CMN, you can rest easy knowing that your child will get the care it needs, that there IS someone there to lend you a helping hand, just like Doug Boyd!  So if anything, make an investment in the future of your child by making a donation to the Children's Miracle Network while Tommy is here at Doug Boyd!

We'll be done at Doug Boyd's at 5:00pm and then Tommy the Hacker will push the cart back to where it all began, highway 60 where we enter Pampa at.  So if you're off at 5:00pm and you heard Tommy was there but couldn't make it by, this is your chance to go see him pushing the cart!  You can just stop him and say high to him right there and even make your donations as he's walking to his final destination and loads up to leave.

Coming up on Wednesday, we'll be hitting up Hereford, TX!  Stand by for all the details and where we'll be at when we get there!

Thursday & Friday, it's back in Amarillo for the Miracle on 34th Street as Tommy the Hacker walks 34th St. all the way from Eastern to Soncy, and up to the hospital where he'll meet up with Angel Dee & me, doing the live broadcast from the hospital in the 5th Annual KISS Kids Radiothon!

You're going to hear some stories of struggle, of heartache, some stories that might make you cry, some stories that will bring a smile to your face, stories or survival and so much more!  Meet the brave kids who battle the worst of diseases and face challenges you and I pray we and family/friends don't have to face!  The fact is, you never know!  If there's 1 thing I hear from every parent when I'm talking to them about their child, it's this.  "You never think it's going to happen to you, until you find yourself sitting there, wondering what you're going to do.  With your head in your hands, your eyes full of tears, you're praying to God for help, and just when think things are darkest, you have a guardian angel like CMN to step up and help you."

Make Miracles Happen!

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