It's like a dream come true. Cheese? Yes! Macaroni? Yes please! Oh and anything you can dream of to add to it! Is your mouth watering already? Mine is. I love some mac and cheese.

Just imagine what they could be adding to the mac and cheese. I'm talking about crab meat, brisket, jalapenos, green chilis. You name it! It is sure to be mixed in the mac n' cheese coming up at The Big Cheese.

It will be happening at The Rex Baxter Building coming up next Friday, January 24th from 6 pm - 8 pm.

You can try them all. Pick your absolute favorite and go back for more. I am having dreams of mac 'n cheese already. It can be a great night in your future.

Oh and this is not just plain ol' mac and cheese. Heavens NO!

There are over 25 restaurants vying to be your favorite. Oh and don't worry there will be desserts as well to soothe that sweet tooth of yours!

The Hope and Healing Place puts on this event every year and it just gets better and better. So if you love the comfort food that is cheesy as can be. We have you covered next Friday.

Just get you tickets here.. A ticket is $25 for Adults and $5 for Children for all-you-can-eat ooey gooey macaroni and cheese!

I wouldn't wait too long to get your tickets. With all this great food and a nice evening out, you don't want them to sell out!

I am in heaven just thinking about all the different varieties!



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