Seafood Is About To Get Harder To Find In Amarillo.  I almost am afraid to get on Facebook. It seems every time I do I find another restaurant closing.

Here is the latest announcement. From Off The Hook

It has been a pleasure to serve you over the last year. At this time Brandy, Renesha and James have made the difficult decision to close our doors and focus on several other business ventures. We appreciate all of the hospitality and support you all have shown us. Our last day will be September 28th. Please join us and our amazing staff any Friday or Saturday between now and then. Thank you all again for the past year. We look forward to seeing you soon!

I had only been there once. I was a little disappointed with my dish. It was something with shrimp but it only had about 4 big shrimp. They were out of the side dish I wanted. But my friend got the seafood boil and it was fabulous. So I think it was all in what I ordered.

I got into looking at their recent Facebook posts and it looks like they had started doing seafood buffets. Man I wish I had known that sooner. I love to try all kinds of different dishes and that is a great opportunity. The time I went to Off The Hook they had live music. That was kind of nice.

So it seems you have until the 28th to enjoy this Downtown Amarillo restaurant. That is when they close their doors forever.

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