The content of this video may be inappropriate for some viewers.  Okay now that I've got that out of the way, this guy is a genius!  Let's face it, apartments are crammed into a tight space and your secrets and night terrors bleed through the thin walls into your neighbors apartment.  Nothing is safe!  Well this guy is on Youtube showing the world how he deals with thin walls and loud neighbors.  Particularly, how he deals with the noise of his neighbors making the beast with 2 backs.  You know, having sex, really loud sex.

The last thing I want to hear is "your the best" or "OMG your so good" unless it's my wife saying it to me!  So I get where this guy is coming from.  There is something creepy about hearing people have sex.  It's not at all a turn on!  And when you learn just how freaky your neighbors are, you can barely look them in the eye without laughing.

Well this guy has set up the Thin Wall Challenges, where he sets up a challenge that he must complete before his neighbors "finish" if you know what I mean.  If he doesn't complete the task, he punishes himself in someway.

In the latest titled 2 Neighbors 1 Cup, he has to flip 5 coins in a row into a cup before his neighbors get done doing the deed, or he tasers himself.  Watch the video and see if it's a victory, or a taser burn for our Thin Wall Challenge friend!

Being that I've never lived in an apartment, I've never really had to deal with this.  But I do have roommates and when things start getting a little loud, I have a fan that I turn on that is so loud, it could drown out a tornado.

How do you deal with a loud neighbor?  Weather it's having sex or watching a movie to loud, what do you do?

On a side note, why doesn't this guy try fighting back?  You know, fight fire with fire.  This dude needs to get laid lol!

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