The Texas Panhandle Craft Beerfest is coming quickly.  Will you be ready?

It’s the largest event of its kind in Texas.  Here at the radio station we are proud to present it to you every year. We’ve partnered with United Market Street’s Craft Beer Club and this year promises to be bigger than ever.

For the uninitiated, it’s a craft beer sampling event.  We’ve invited over 125 breweries to bring their best craft brews for you to try.  Most of them bring more than one type and all bring plenty for everyone.  Attorney Dean Boyd, The Strong Arm has provided souvenir tasting glasses for the sampling.  There will also be food to sample and live music.

It happens Saturday, August 19th at the Amarillo Civic Center.  Here are some protips for the Texas Panhandle Beerfest provided by attendees of previous shows.


You are going to be sampling stout and full-bodied craft beer.  And while there will be food to sample during the event, that’s no substitute for good nutrition.  Be sure to eat a good meal at least a couple hours before the show.  You don’t want to be stuffed, save room for the brew but you do want a good food foundation to build a party house of craft brew on later.


This is not a black-tie event.  Dress casual but most importantly, dress comfortable.  We’ll be inside, don’t worry about the heat or rain.  You’ll be curling your Dean Boyd tasting glass to your lips often and won’t want to be encumbered by tight fabric.  Wear comfortable shoes, you’ll be on your feet and standing in line.  Craft beer tastes better if your feet don’t hurt.  This event is not about being seen, it’s about the quest for the perfect craft brew.  No need to dress like a peacock or get out the low-cut neon plumage.


Most events are great attended with a friend.  You need more at the Texas Panhandle Craft Beerfest.  Get more than your regular plus one, you need the whole gang.  There will be so many types of craft brew to sample, we at the station don’t even know how many.  We’re guessing around 200 but expect it to be a lot more.  There’s no way possible you and a friend can try them all.  Bring a posse.  Split up.  Compare notes.  With teamwork you can make the most of your Beerfest.


General Admission tickets are only $35, they do go up to $45 the day of the show.  Doors open at 4pm and you’ll have three hours, until 7pm to drink it all in.  There’s a better way to experience the Texas Panhandle Craft Beerfest. Go VIP.  There is a limited number of those available and they are going fast.  They could be gone by the time you read this.  VIP’s get in an hour early at 3pm and enjoy exclusive entry into the Market Street VIP Food & Flavor Lounge where they will enjoy a catered meal.  VIP’s also get a pint glass with VIP exclusive craft brews to sample.  It’s a tremendous value and if you consider yourself a craft brew connoisseur you’ll want one of these exclusive tickets.


The Texas Panhandle Beerfest maintains dignity and composure for the most part but as it is about alcohol consumption, it’s important to plan ahead.  Craft brew can be pretty stout and there’s no need to risk your safety getting home.  If your party is large enough, designate a driver to get everyone home.  Or consider an Uber or taxi to get to and from the show.  If you’ve had too much to drive or if you see someone who has had too much to get on the road please let a representative of the exhibition know.  We want everyone back for 2018.

You can get tickets now at all Panhandle Ticket Outlets or at the door the day of the show.  We look forward to seeing you at this year’s Texas Panhandle Craft Beerfest!

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