We all love a good prank, as long as it isn't targeted towards us-right?  Well you might not have a choice.  Hundreds of Amarillo residents have been targeted in a text message prank.

A text message prank has gotten way out of control.  Hundreds of Amarillo area residents have been receiving a text message that was meant to be a prank, but has been giving the courts a headache.

The messaged states that they, the recipient, has failed to report to jury duty.  The message also leaves a 704 area code.  When the number is called, a recorded messages says that the person has the option to pay a $500 fine or spend 30 days behind bars.

Of course, concerned residents have been calling the Police department and municipal courts to find out what is going on.  It is just a prank.

The best advice would be to delete the message immediately.  Some of the messages are actually carrying a virus so be super careful.

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