A&E's hit reality show, Hoarders, showed us just how close to home people with this serious problem are.  Hoarders latest episode featured Jan of Canyon, TX, who hadn't taken the trash out since 2006 and was facing eviction from her home.

Jan's situation was very sad and pretty devastation to watch play out on TV.  Her house had become overrun by cats.  Her toilet was a sight that nobody should have to see.  Her life was falling apart as she literally built a wall of trash around her.

For 6 years straight the trash was not carried out of her home, leaving it to build up in huge mountains.

The cats took over the vast majority of the house and without proper care, it became a hazard.  There was cat feces covering everything from the carpet, to the furniture, to the appliances.  The ammonia in the air was so thick, it actually killed one of her cats, and that happened while the TV crew was there so it's partially caught on camera.

Jan truly lived in a dump and needed help.  Thankfully, her family and the good people at A&E gave her that help!

Jan, much like the other people that have been featured on hoarders, went through the denial stages, blaming others for what had happened.  However, by the last day of shooting, she rolled up her sleeves to get her hands dirty and clean her place up.

We now see a new Jan thanks to the loving and caring family of hers, and of course all of the hard workers at A&E's Hoarders.  After a makeover to her house, and her, she appears to have decided to make a change for the better.  Which is pretty rare in the cases of hoarders.  If you've ever watched the show, you know that most of the people featured on the show don't make a change for the better.  Jan seems to be a brand new person and I applaud her for taking the initiative to make a change!  I also applaud her family for putting in the long hours over those few days as they moved out something like 5 tons of trash!

Watch the episode and see the change take place in front of your eyes by clicking here.

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