Certain foods are hotly debated in Amarillo, TX. When I say that, I mean people have strong opinions as to who has say, the best breakfast burrito in town. When a person gives their answer, and someone disagrees with that statement, it's grounds for a fight to break out.

I say that jokingly, but there is definitely an argument brewing if you don't agree on who has a certain best item when it comes to the menu.

One of those food items that gets fiercely debated is chicken fried steak. I swear, it seems like chicken friend ANYTHING in Texas will illicit strong opinions, but this one for whatever reason becomes a hot button topic.

A lot of different restaurants in Amarillo serve up chicken fried steak at their establishment. Some definitely should be, while others, well, we'll give you an 'A' for effort. Recently on Reddit, someone posed the question, and true to form, it brought in a ton of responses.

There were two restaurants though that stood out as THE place to get chicken fried steak in Amarillo though, and it was an even battle between the two.

Before we get into those places, I will say someone said Cracker Barrel and that received a quick 8 downvotes, so I'm thinking the city vehemently disagrees with that person.

So, if it's chicken fried steak you're craving, there are two places you should be checking out, and it seems you can't go wrong with either.

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The first three comments after the OP posted their question went straight to Youngblood's as THE place to get a chicken fried steak.

One of the cool things about Youngblood's is they serve it up two different ways for you.

Your first option is "Cowboy Bob’s Chicken Fried Steak". This is your traditional way of getting CFS, slathered in that country gravy the way most places like to serve it up.

The other choice is "Vicki’s Chicken Fried Steak". This is a more complex, but still very Texan, way to serve up this dish. According to the menu, it comes "topped with Green Chili Sauce and Country Gravy, served with Cheddar Jack Mashed Potatoes".

Google Maps
Google Maps


Green Chile Willy's was the other one people consistently mentioned. In fact, it received the most votes with seven people voting for it.

So what made it the top option? No doubt taste was one of the reasons, but while Youngblood's gives you two different ways to devour the meal, GCW one-ups them with three options.

Their first option, just like Youngblood's, is the traditional way with country gravy. No need to go into detail there.

Next up on the menu is "Green Chile Willy's Chicken Fry". This option mirrors the Vicki's option from Youngblood's, with the exception of it being topped with cheddar jack cheese instead of the cheddar jack mashed potatoes.

It's the "Jalapeno Jack Chicken Fry" that sets it apart. This one gets served on the bed of gravy, and is topped with a "unique jalapeno gravy, grilled jalapenos, and cheddar jack cheese". In other words, they're spicing the dish up.

Can't decide which one you want? Then indulge in "Jimmy's Sampler" where you can get a mini version of all three different options.

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