If you have been out to Townsquare Village recently you may have noticed that AirU is no more. Not to worry because they have Amp'd up for 2020. Yes, they have changed their name and added some fun-ness.

No, you don't have to worry about the kiddos having one less place for a jumping good time. Amp'd Attraction Park is here to solve that case of the boredoms. Not only do you still have all the great trampolines and Arcade and prizes, you can also ejoy the Meltdown Ride, Nina Course and Human Bumperballs. What more can you ask for.

credit: Getty Images
credit: Getty Images

So as you are making your plans for fun things to do this weekend. Don't forget you can get Amp'd. Make sure you follow their Facebook Page HERE. You don't want to miss out on any fun they may add.....or specials.

This would be a fun place to host your child's birthday party. Contact them for details. Just remember for a regular trip out with your family - no reservation's are needed. So maybe if you are looking to reward your kiddo after school one day....you can head out and take them there. I kind of feel you will move up in the coolness count for sure.

Amp'd Attraction Park is located at 5461 McKenna Square in Townsquare Village.



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