I only have one child and everyday I wonder if I am doing things right or not.  Well, I did something that I thought was great, but others thought I was going overboard. 

Last night I was cleaning my son's room when I found this notebook under his pillow.  On the front he had written 'Phoenix's Privet book' and 'Please Don't Look Inside.'  So I automatically opened it to look.

My son is 7 and I don't believe he is entitled to privacy.  It is my job to protect him as much as possible and that means I have to know exactly what's going on with him.

The book didn't contain anything terrible.  It had a bunch of codes and secrets to his 'Minecraft' game.  But it made me think, if he is hiding this, what else could he be hiding.

I know he is 7, but if he is gaming I need to know who he is playing with?  I try to monitor everything as close as I can but this worried me.  So I began the task of cleaning his entire room.  I looked in every drawer, nook, and corner.  I looked under his bed and in his closet.  I wanted to make sure nothing terrible was being done.

Luckily, I didn't find anything.  But I was telling Tommy the Hacker about it and he said I was a psycho mom.  I laughed because I feel like I am just being protective.  I have to make sure he isn't doing things he isn't suppose to or talking to bad people.

I don't feel bad about doing it, and I'll do it again and again.  So am I just doing what a good mother should do?  Or am I crossing the line into psycho mom?

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