There is a huge debate in our household: should we give allowance or not?  I say no and here are my reasons why. 

My home is split on whether we should give our son allowance or not.  My hubby thinks that we should give our son money every week and I disagree.  I think I have some pretty good reasons why.

1.) Learn Responsibility

I am a firm believer that kids need to have chores around the house.  This will teach them responsibility and get them involved.  We shouldn't reward him for contributing to the household.

2.) Teach Them To Work For Money

Without allowance, your kids will learn that you have to work for your money.

3.) What Do Kids Need Money For

As parents, we buy our kids everything they need.  What do they need an allowance for?

4.) They Will Depend On Free Money

What if one day your family has financial troubles and aren't able to give allowance?  The kids will begin to become depend on the money.

These are just a few reasons that I don't think allowance should be given.  Do you give allowance in your home?

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