It seems that girls want to grow up faster than ever before.  Kids wearing make-up and even dressing a little more provocative.  But at what age should girls be allowed to wear thong?

When it comes to clothing, it seems that provocative clothing is being shoved in young girls faces all the time.  It is up to the parents to decide and teach these young girls what is appropriate and what isn't.

A co-worker of ours was really upset yesterday because she let her 11 year old daughter stay the night with one of her good friends.  When she picked her up the next day, she had some shopping bags from Victoria Secret. Her friends mom took the girls shopping and bought her some underwear from Victoria Secret.  The underwear included thongs and push up bras.

Our co-worker was livid.  First off, she feels that the friends mom had no right to take her shopping for underwear.  Second, she feels that 11 years old is way too young to wear a thong.

I do not have a daughter, but understand the need to wear different types of underwear with different outfits.  However, I do think that the friends mom crossed the line by buying a thong for someone else's daughter.  As far as age, I agree with my co-worker, 11 years old is too young.  I think that 13 is a much better age, but I think 15 is the perfect age.

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