A local team of volunteers delivers meals to homeless members of our community.

The Amarillo Brown Bag Run was founded in 2016 by Kip Billups. The team is volunteers whose mission is to feed the homeless members of our community. They treat each neighbor with compassion.

The Amarillo Brown Bag Run set themseleves apart from other organizations. They don't lecture the recipients of their meals. They only ask that if you are hungry, you eat.

Their goal is to provide daily brown bag meals to our homeless neighbors in Amarillo.

The organization is always looking for people who would like to help. They have a calendar they post each month with times and dates of when they need help. You can see the calendar, get more info, and message them on Facebook by clicking here.

They are also asking some of our great restaurant owners to help as well. The group said they would be happy to arrange the pick up for any extra food that is given out to help our community.






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