Amarillo Brown Bag Runs is a non-profit in Amarillo that provide daily meals to our homeless.  It is run by a group of volunteers who just want to share a meal with those that are hungry.

All that the organization asks is, "if you are hungry, you eat."

It is an organization centered in love and helping the homeless in Amarillo.

If you are wanting to get involved with Amarillo Brown Bag Runs, then they could use your help.  They need volunteers daily.

If your business, church, organization, family or civic group would like to get involved here are some of the areas where they could use your help.

Volunteering only takes a little time, but the outcome for you is 10x worth more than the time you put into helping. Volunteering does something amazing for the heart. Plus, you get to see a different side of Amarillo and you get to meet some of the greatest people in the world that you might have missed knowing.

For more information on Amarillo Brown Bag Runs you can Click Here to Email or visit


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