If your running the 26.2 mile New York City Marathon, just making it to the finish line is a huge accomplishment for any individual. But starting the race single, and ending the race married? That's an accomplishment Amarillo, TX couple Marty Martin and Raymond Donaldson have to themselves this year!

Talk about sweet!  The couple got married around the 22nd mile mark of the race with a fellow runner at their side officiating the "ceremony-on-the-go" making this the elope of the year!

"Hey what did you do this weekend?"

"Oh not much, ran the NYC marathon and GOT MARRIED IN THE MIDST OF IT!"

So why did the Amarillo couple decide to tie the knot in the middle of a marathon? (Daily Mail)

We met running so we thought it would be appropriate,' Mary said, after introducing herself to a sports announcer as Mary Donaldson.

Even though it wasn't a traditional wedding with cake and a ring boy, they made sure to separate themselves from the crowd.

The bride was wearing a white running outfit that had a tennis-like skirt attached. She was also wearing a veil along with a white baseball cap.

The groom wore black athletic shorts and a baseball cap as well, but jazzed it up with a white long sleeve shirt under his formal black vest and bowtie.

Lord have mercy!  Could you imagine running 26.2 miles in that get up!?  The couple lost some water weight that's for certain!  And talk about a good woman!  Raymond lucked out!  It's not everyday you find a woman that's willing to run a marathon with you and marry you during it, as your pouring sweat and panting for air!

The family of the couple was present at the 22nd mile mark where the ceremony began, Mary even handed off her bouquet right as the rings were being exchanged, passing the blessing of marriage off to a lucky attendant of the marathon.

In the end, Mary beat Raymond in the race by a second, official data tracking shows the couple stayed within seconds of each other the entire race.  Proving once again that love conquers all obstacles.

Who knows the lucky couple?  Let's give this Amarillo couple that took the leap of faith in the middle of a marathon our best wishes!  It's not everyday Amarillo gets put on the map like this!  Allow me to start.

Best of luck Mr. & Mrs. Donaldson!  Life is a race, and you guys are apparently in it to win it!  Congratulations!

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