If your new year’s resolution this year was to give back, I know an event that will give you the chance to go the extra mile, and make money for your school.

You have the chance to save a life by giving blood at the Coffee Memorial Blood Center. Every donor from now to March 31st at Coffee Memorial Blood Center will be eligible to vote for an area elementary, middle, high school or private school within the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles.

Prizes are:

Elementary School First Place: $1000 and $1000 in Dugger Dollars for any Kids IN. Youth Sport

Middle School First Place: $1500

Small High School/Private School First Place: $2000

Medium High School First Place: $2000

Large High School First Place: $2000

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Getty Images

Remember when you donate blood, you can vote for an area school to help them with something not in their budget, and help grant a $1,000 scholarship for a student to pursue a higher education at any college, university, technical or trade school. Donors also receive a custom Donor Days T-shirt.

For additional information, event reminders and competition updates, like Coffee Memorial Blood Center on Facebook or call 806-331-8872

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