Hurricane Odile slammed into Cabo San Lucas on Sunday night. A category 3 storm with 125 mph winds and six hours of rain. Up to 30,000 tourist have been stranded on Mexico's Baja California peninsula, including a family from Amarillo.

Desperate locals and tourists are in survival mode because of the category 3 storm. A family from Amarillo, Texas has reached out to us through Facebook asking for help to reach out to friends and family. This is what the family messaged us with:

Hello, My family and I are stuck in Cabo San Lucas due to hurricane Odile. Our homes are in Amarillo/Canyon. We need to get the word out of how bad situations are here, and not many people are being able to get out. The Mexican government here has shut down all communication since Monday so we haven't been able to use internet or call family until just now. The Mexican government has also taken over the airport and completely shut it down, so we haven't been able to get a flight out because the airport lost it's tower and everything pretty much. Our hotel told us this morning we have a day of water left and they are shuttling us to the airport 80 people a day and flying us to Tijuana, Mexico City, or Guadalajara, and we have to figure it out from there. We are in extreme conditions here. We tried to go to town earlier, but they aren't letting us cause they are stabbing people for anything they have. Hopefully we will have communication for a little but but we are trying to let as many people as we can know about what is going on here while we can. I know it's a long shot, but if you could get something out of what is actually happening here, maybe the country will pay more attention to how many Americans can't get out. Today the hotel was going to take the 80 people and it was supposed to leave at 12pm, the shuttle didn't show up until around 3 because the roads are so bad. When the shuttle got to the airport there were 4,000 tourists in a line from around the world trying to get on an military plane to fly out. So, our people had to shuttle back to this hotel. We need our government to help, and as soon as possible.


Shelby Willburn

This really saddens our hearts, and our prayers are with all the people that are stranded in Cabo San Lucas and surroundings areas due to Hurricane Odile. If you know the Willburn family, they wanted to let you know they are okay but also wanted to reach out to people here in Amarillo to pass on their message. We will keep you updated if we hear anything else.


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