It's no secret. Amarillo has a problem when it comes to illegal dumping. You see it all the time on social media.

The City got together a group of people to form the City of Amarillo Innovation Team, and they decided to take the issue head-on.

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The Innovation Team Gives An Update

Yesterday, the City sent out a press release regarding an update from the Innovation Team. They've been working to find causes for the problem, and are working on solutions.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, the Innovation Team went over several of the causes for the problem. Some of them you might not have expected.

Causes For Illegal Dumping

One of the issues brought up was the high turnover rate in some places when it comes to rental properties. The team said that they were finding that some renters only stay at a place for six months, and sometimes even less. People moving in and out constantly coupled with non-existent landlords, and there's potential for a problem.

The homeless population also created an obstacle, according to the video. When people illegally dump items, those items might be picked up and moved to other areas creating clutter in multiple places.

Another reason was communication. The team acknowledged that communication can be difficult when you consider how many different ways people get information. Part of the problem is simply a lack of knowledge regarding options for dumping items.

Engaging With The Community And Coming Up With Solutions

The Innovation Team now continues the work of finding ways to tackle the issue of illegal dumping in Amarillo. If you want to know more about the team and how they're looking at the issue, watch the video below.

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