Not only did we lose Amarillo favorite, Crystal "Prissy Love" Vargus in a car accident on Friday, but we also lost a dear friend and genuinely nice person, Anastasia Law, who died from Lupus on Friday.

While both mothers left behind 2 children, Ana did a fantastic job preparing for the future of her children!  She had a great life-insurance plan, and the children will be provided for.  After speaking with one of Ana's best friends, Kristen, I've learned that the family is overwhelmed as expected.  And the biggest gift we can all give right now is to just not worry and not try to put any fund raisers of any sort together.  I have been assured that the children will be in good hands, and Ana made sure they will be taken care of before she passed.  So right now, just give the family some breathing room as they attempt to get a grip on this awful tragedy that has befallen them.

I've spoken to many people about remembering Ana.  A fried of mine, Nick, and he has assured me that this is what the family is asking for.  He also remembers Ana as being a fun-loving, caring, unique individual whom always put others before herself, even though she had spent the past 6 years battling Lupus.

Blair Wilson remembers Ana as well: "I have a lot to tell you about my friend Ana, and to sum it up in a few words...she is sweet, witty, friendly and caring".

Anastasia was one of those "stand out" kind of people, and will be missed by many.  R.I.P. Anastasia Law and Crystal Vargus :'(



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