Amarillo Woman Dies While Trying To Cross I-40 On Foot, Pedestrian Struck By Truck
Very sad news about something that went down yesterday, something I would never want to see in my life, yet I know someone that watched it take place in their rear view mirror!  A woman of Amarillo, TX was walking on Interstate 40, for what reason we do not know yet, but as she was walking on the highway, she was struck by a Dodge truck driven by James Grayson Davis, and died at the scene.  A &quo
Andy Griffith Dies At Age 86
Even if you weren't a fan of the Andy Griffith Show, you no doubt can still whistle that classic whistling tune.  Well sad news strikes today, as the beloved actor, Andy Griffith, died this morning.
Bill Ware Of Amarillo National Bank Dies At 63
Crazy news here!  You may not know who Bill Ware is, but you definitely know the business him and his family helped create.  A little banking company called Amarillo National Bank!  Yeah, this guy has in one way or another, helped you buy something.  Financed your house, maybe carried your student loans, or gave you a chance to buy that new car you wanted.  Bill was the executive vice president fo
Comedian Patrice O’Neal Dead At Age 41
Sad news in the comedy world today as it was announced that comedian Patrice O'Neal died this morning as a result of the stroke he suffered back in October.  Patrice was a brilliant comedian that simply smashed it in comedy especially in the last thing I saw him in which was the Comedy Central Roast Of Charlie Sheen (use caution my young jedi knights, the link leads to foul language that could be
Macho Man Randy Savage Dies At Age 58
Legendary wrestler 'Macho Man' Randy Savage died today in a car accident in Tampa, Florida, reports TMZ. He was 58. Savage's brother, Lanny Poffo, said he passed away after he lost control of his car when he had a heart attack shortly before 9:30AM. The Florida Highway Patrol says Savage drove across a concrete median and into oncoming traffic before he hit a tree.

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