Drug busts in Amarillo aren't exactly a new thing. We seem to hear about them weekly, sometimes even daily.

This one though has to go down as the ultimate whoops moment for a big-time dealer here in the 806.

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Brandon Burks was just cruising around in his car and he came up to a stop sign. He reportedly didn't seem to have much interest in stopping for the sign. I mean, no big deal right? Stop signs are run on a constant basis in any city.

On this particular day though, the cards were not in his favor.

Once he ran the stop sign, lights flipped on behind him and he got pulled over. Ok, no big deal. He's gonna get a ticket for running the stop sign and be on his way right? That's where the story takes a bit of a turn.

Burks had been on Amarillo PD's radar since October as a "large-scale crack cocaine dealer" according to the criminal complaint. So instead of just hitting him with his ticket and sending him on his way, they decided to do a check of him.

It was at that time they found four baggies in his underwear totaling a bit over 58 grams of powder cocaine and a touch over 33 grams of crack. So much for that routine traffic stop for Burks.

Police searched a house at 309 Teakwood Street and found a heck of a lot more than Burks had on his person. They found a bucket in the house with two vacuum-sealed bags. One had nearly 500 grams of cocaine. The other held $13,000 in cash. And this wasn't even the house they were looking at as the main one in the operation. That house is on Taylor St.

Burks admitted to police the drugs were his and the money that was found was indeed proceeds from the drugs. He told police he had fallen on hard times in 2019 after being released from prison, so he started dealing again. He also told police he had dealt over 3 pounds of cocaine already this year.

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Note from editor: An indictment is not a conviction. All individuals shown below who have not appeared in court for a judgement are to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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