The Tri-State Fair Parade kicked off the annual event on Saturday, September 17th.

However, people weren't just getting excited for the rodeo and the midway rides. A float in the parade has caused an uproar among community members.

As you can see in the photos, the float features a makeshift cage with two people inside. One person is wearing an Obama mask and the other is wearing a Hillary Clinton mask. There is also a person standing outside the cage wearing a cape that says, "Make America Great Again," which is Donald Trump's campaign slogan.

The float was designed by a group called "Stars and Bars," a common nickname for the Confederate flag.

Based on the comments made on News Channel 10's story, the people of Amarillo are split on their views of this situation. Many people are, indeed, calling the float "disrespectful," "distasteful," and "racist." However, there are also those who are commending the organization behind the float, saying the float is just an expression of free speech, and calling the controversy "ridiculous."

The Amarillo NAACP shared the following message:

What do you think about the float? We'd love to hear your opinions, but please be respectful and refrain from using inappropriate language.

Click here to read the story by News Channel 10.

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