If you had to take a trip in your vehicle this afternoon in Amarillo, you no doubt saw traffic on I40 just trickling down the highway.  A horrible accident took place and a woman was badly injured as well.  The driver and his truck that caused the entire accident left the scene without any remorse, Amarillo police officers seek help in identifying the driver of the red truck in this hit and run.

I talked to a woman named Nicole on the phone a little after the accident, and she described it in great detail to me.  Nicole witnessed the entire accident, and stayed with Joyce, the driver of the car that hit the highway median.

She told me that the red truck swerved at the car in front of her, the car that was drove by Joyce.  Joyce then swerved to avoid being hit by the truck, and she lost control, ultimately striking the concrete median.

Nicole told me Joyce was severely injured.  Her skin on her face appeared ripped off and one of her eyes was knocked out of it's socket!  She was hurt very badly according to Nicole.  Nicole expressed that everyone needs to pray for Joyce because she was injured so badly.

She also added that the red truck did in fact just continue going.  She said it was a newer red truck with a sticker on the rear windshield.  She said everything happened so fast, that was all she could see.

Amarillo Police report:

"On July 24, 2013, at 2:14 PM, officers were dispatched to eastbound IH-40 and Crockett on a major traffic accident. Responding officers found that the driver of a gray 2006 Buick had lost control and struck the center median, resulting in heavy damage to the vehicle and life-threatening injuries to the driver. Officers learned that before the vehicle struck the median, a red pickup had made contact with the right rear fender of the Buick, possibly causing the accident. The red pickup was not at the scene. The driver of the Buick is Joyce Messer, WF age 88, of Amarillo. She was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. APD Traffic Investigations is attempting to locate the pickup and driver that left the scene. The only witness description available at this point is that it is a red pickup with minor damage, possibly on the driver’s side of the vehicle."

If you have information about the other driver, you are asked to call the Amarillo Police Department Traffic Investigations Squad at (806) 378-4250, or the Amarillo Police Department at (806) 378-3038.


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