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If you spend any time on social media like Facebook and Twitter you see it. You see that there can be some really unlikeable people around. Spend any time talking to any animal shelter and they can tell you the horror stories.

Some families think it's a great idea to get a family pet. They sometimes don't realize it is a lifetime commitment. Their lifetime. They think about the cuteness factor on Christmas morning or a birthday present for their kiddos. Then it becomes not so cute and maybe a bit more work then they bargained for. Or hey they decide they can't handle the cost of getting their animal spayed or neutered. What happens then? They have a litter. A litter they can't afford either.

So some people abandon them. It's a horrible thing. These puppies and kittens don't deserve to be treated like this. They really don't. They just want a loving home. They want to be able to love on you when you are home.

We need to get them a home but even before that we need to help out with supplies.This is where you can help make up for these not so great pet owners. It takes a village. Right?

Texas Panhandle Pet Savers is trying to make a difference here in the Texas Panhandle. It's in their name. They are trying to save pets. They need the supplies to help take care of these abandoned litters.

They have asked for help on their Facebook page:

Here at TPPS, we have been hit hard by orphaned litters of Puppies and Kittens. If you can find it in your heart, we would be grateful to have you donate a gift to the care of these animals. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

If you can buy a supply or two it can make all the difference. Think of all the great and cute puppies and kitties you will be helping.

If you can help HERE is where you need to go. Nothing is crazy expensive but it is all needed. There are bottles, syringes to feed little babies, toys, milk replacers. All sorts of stuff that will get these furballs to the stage that they can be adopted out. Check it out and do your part to help.


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