Hey we've all been there, stopped in a store buying a drink and a snack and looked over at the counter and said, hey hand me one of the "so and so" scratch offs.  Well I don't know about you but, I the most I have ever won from a scratch off is $100 and that was over 7 years ago.  However, one Amarillo resident's life changed when he bought his scratch off.

Money with a lottery ticket
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Amarillo resident Raymond Frausto got lucky off the Texas Lottery's  Money Money Millionaire scratch off.  He won the top prize of $1 million dollars.  So he woke up rich this morning.

Not only is Raymond feeling the awesomeness of winning, the store where he bought the winning ticket received a bonus as well.  The Murphy USA store at 2109 S. Western is eligible for a retailer bonus of $10,000.

So congratulations Raymond on your win.  I'm sure you have family members and friends you didn't know you had contacting you.  Enjoy your money!

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