This restaurant has always been on my list of have to tries. I have had samples at events and knew those were great. I just never had a chance to stop in and eat. I have made plans but they always seemed to fall through.
My daughter was in town a few weeks ago and she had plans to go have brunch with her friends. I couldn’t go because I had a Zoom meeting. So I asked her to bring me home lunch.
I looked over the menu so I would be ready to have her order when she was getting ready to leave. I had a hard time choosing but one menu item kept calling me back. The "Well Bless Your Heart" sounded so good. It’s a chicken fried steak with bacon and peppered gravy on a biscuit. It was a couple dollars more than most the others so I wondered why.
When my daughter got home with it I wondered no more. This thing was huge. It was a whole chicken fried steak, which I was not expecting.
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
The first bite was just heavenly. Oh my goodness. My daughter wanted a bite too....oh and then a second. It was magical.
So will I be back? Yes. Will I try something new? Maybe but I’m not sure. The "Well Bless Your Heart" was just too good. If you are a fan of the chicken fried steak, and here in Amarillo, who is not. This will not disappoint.
But check out the rest of the menu for yourself HERE.
They also have a full bar and serve brunch. It’s a win win situation.