This morning, we had some very special friends from the Amarillo Special Olympics and let me tell you, they were so fun to have on the show.

They were here to promote the Ragin' Cajun Golf Tournament, which is taking place this weekend. They talked on the radio, made us laugh, danced, and even shared some of their amazing talents. Our three guests, Heather, Dalton, and Jorge, gave me a day I'll always remember in my radio career. They even finished the show up with a talent show.

Dalton is a great comedian, so for his talent, he told us some jokes. Heather has an amazing singing voice, so she sang a Carrie Underwood song for us. Finally, Jorge wooed over all the ladies with his rendition of 'My Girl' by The Temptations.

You can hear all the fun we had in the audio clip below. I can't thank these kids enough for coming in to the studio this morning!

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