So where I live we luckily still have dumpsters in the alley. We haven't, luckily, switched to those stupid plastic garbage cans like some neighborhoods. I am dreading when that becomes a thing.

Why is it that some people think that it is a great idea to dump their big trash items in front of my fence? I mean I know that is where the dumpster is but that is not what you are supposed to do.

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I mean did you know that the regular trash truck that empties the dumpster doesn't pick up that stuff anyway. So you are making things tougher for them as well. I know it is an inconvenience to have it in front of your own fence. It's your trash not mine.

It really is so frustrating. This is the way my alley should always look.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

So What Are You Supposed to do When You Have Large Trash?

It really is an easy process. You bring the items out to your front yard and place it behind the curb. Then all you have to do is make a phone call. Really it is that easy. I mean dumping it in the alley is illegal anyway. I mean according to the City of Amarillo:

The City of Amarillo has a convenient solution to the problem of illegal dumping.
Make a phone call – and that’s all.

Rather than dumping bulky unwanted items such as mattresses in alleyways or fields (which is illegal), residents can simply call the Public Works Department at (806) 378-6813 and leave the bulky unwanted items behind their curb. City staff will arrive within 48 to 72 hours and pick up the discarded items – free of charge.

Here are the things you can have the city pick up free of charge according to their Facebook page:

●Tree Limbs
●Large Toys
●Hot Tubs
●Hot Water Heaters
●Large Household Items (including appliances)

credit: City of Amarillo
credit: City of Amarillo

So please I beg of you, stop leaving stuff in my alley by my fence. It really is pretty rude to make it my problem anyway.

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