Action News 41
Action News 41

Arson charges led to the arrest of Amarillo woman, Glenda Ann Herrera, 44, following a house fire that authorities say was intentionally set by Herrera.  Why burn your own house down?  Insurance fraud?  Or was it jealousy?

Amarillo Globe News reports that a complaint filed by a male claims that he say Herrera walking from the burning house and stopped her to ask if anyone was inside, she then ran off as fast as she could without saying anything to the man that filed the complaint.



(Note, the picture above is not a picture of the actual fire in question.)


Herrera told people at a nearby location that she had set fire to the home, the address of which the complaint does not specify, and told police and a fire investigator that she had started the fire after police escorted her back to the house, the complaint said.

Herrera also told authorities that she lived at the house with her husband.  So was this arson a result of insurance fraud, or a very upset woman?  Of course, this is all alleged.  Innocent until proven guilty and all.




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